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In september 2010, we had to find out everything about the intricate international surrogacy process. It was a hard journey, full of ups and downs, of experience and learning, that eventually brought happiness to our lives.

In April 2012, when our boy was born, our hearts full of joy, we thought of devising a way to make this venture more friendly, and better guided in order to help other families go through the process in a easier way.

First, we created the blog parejade3.com that contains all the information we would have liked to have before starting our process.

Here we introduce My little r, where you will find everything we would have liked to have at hand when we went through our first surrogation process, together with that we would like to have in order to explain our child his origin.

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Telling about Mylittler is telling about us, Carla and Ramon, who have been able to combine all that brings us together with all that separates us during a decade. To tell about Mylittler is telling about the union of our academic background with the wonderful life experience we went through four years ago. In which the sum of her artistic skills plus his scientific rigour and entrepreneurial skills have made possible the synergy required to devise this project we have taken on promisingly…

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Carla, born in Chile , has settled in Barcelona for more than 10 years.

Graphic designer who has developed professionally in every field of design during the last 15 years. She has experience as a lecturer of information Technology university students, in costume design, interface design, museology and some attempts in animation, and more recently in web design and community manager.

Everything you will see on Mylittler is by Carla. She is in charge of designing all the products, website,as well as determining all the marketing strategies and everything concerning the visual communication.

Ramon was born in Barcelona, graduated as a pharmacist and has run a family business since he graduated more than 12 years ago. He also has a Masters degree in business management thus his responsibility deals with everything concerning suppliers, legal procedures, logistics, taxes, etc..all the hidden part.

Ramon is also responsible for parejade3.comblog where he explains how we lived the process with our son as well as the news, legal changes, and how SP has evolved in our society during the last 4 years. He will play an important part on the blog Mylittler which will continue our aim of keeping you informed.

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During our fight for the normalization and regulation of Surrogacy in Spain, we have been on several media to tell our story. Here you are the links.