Opening borders: Dotty’s way home our book on surrogacy already available in Spain, Europe and worldwide thanks to Amazon.

We’ve been working long to get Dotty’s way home, our book on surrogacy, reachable to everyone interested. Our first job was updating our website and making our online store by which our books are delivered all over Spain.

During the Christmas campaign we sold more than 120 copies in Spanish!… we are very pleased for the great reception it has had. We’ve got rewarding comments which make us believe that our main goal –to offer a different kind of stories to explain surrogacy to kids- has been achieved.

Where to buy the book

The book is distributed at some bookstores in Madrid and Barcelona. For instance, “Olacacia” bookstore in Madrid, specialized in books for children and youngsters whose theme stories deal with broadmindedness. “Buc de Llibres“, at Mataró, Barcelona, having a great spot for such literature.

We’re negotiating with other bookstores in Barcelona to reach  more families that have been made thanks to surrogacy, or those interested in opening their minds toward family diversity existing in our society.

Crossing borders

disponible en amazon eu

However, our final goal is to cross borders and make Dotty available to all families made by surrogacy. For that reason, we have joined which will make our book available worlwide thanks to their international logistics.

Right now, you’ll find it at and Soon it will be available at, and Anyway, if you access Spain and UK accounts, you’ll be able to place an order from anywhere.

So, if you haven’t got Dotty yet, why not accessing any of our sales channels and get one?. If you do and you like it, please give us your feedback and share it on any of our distribution channels.

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