Our crowdfunding campaign with Kickstarter is about to start. Would you support us?

We are almost ready to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is to get 7.000€ mainly for print our “Dotty’s way home” book. The books are almost ready to send to press, only missing your names!. Would you support us?

Here you have the description of the campaign.


A happy and amazingly illustrated story for children, full of beautiful metaphors that explains surrogacy from a new perspective.


In september 2010, we had to find out everything about the intricate international surrogacy process. It was a hard journey, full of ups and downs, of experience and learning, but best of all, plenty of joy.  In April 2012, when our boy was born and our hearts were full of happiness, we planned to devise a way to make this venture more friendly and better guided for other families following the process.

That’s why we’ve created Mylittler.com, a website meant to offer everything we would have liked to have at hand when we went through our first surrogation process, together with that we would like to use to explain our children their birth.

“Dotty’s way home” PROJECT

When we began our search for the best way to tell our son about his birth, we found many books explaining surrogation from a technical or an adult’s perspectives. Every book we read focused mainly on the unhappiness caused by the incapacity to bear a child and the difficulties to go through a surrogation process… the child appearing only at the end of the story… but that was not the way we wanted our children to face their background.

So, hands on, I explored the exciting world of the illustrated albums, learned to write stories for children, looked into new formats, illustrations, language, and, particularly, how to reach children as readers. After a lot of writing and edition “Dotty’s way home” was finished.

As an experienced graphic designer, I knew that I had to find a professional to give my words life. I met Aurora Portillo, a very talented illustrator who read the story and became 100% involved with it, so she drew the characters Dotty, Hope and Lucy.
Aurora Portillo
proceso ilustración

“Dotty’s way home” STORY

The story begins when two parents send a bird named Hope to wake up Dotty to start his trip home. But things do not work as they should, so together they start the adventure to find another way to meet with his parents who are waiting for him. Eventually, with the help of the cute Quokkas and Lucy, Dotty succeeds to find the way to reach his destination. The illustrations are endearing, full of color and textures. The book modelling was made with love and care.

Chapter 1



We know there are families like us around the world so we would like this book to be a contribution to the standardization of these kind of families. Our aim is to offer it to many children born by surrogacy and we need your help to get the funding to fulfill the last stage, printing the book.

That ‘s why we have started this kickstarter campaign: We want to print 600 copies of the book, 300 in English and 300 in Spanish, Deluxe edition: 22 x 22 cm, 72 pages approx. (5 chapters), matt lamination hard cover, full color.

The books are almost ready to send to press, only missing your names!




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