Work in progress…

We’ve spent several months, or maybe years, creating the story we wanted to tell our son. It’s been a long-term process to research, learn, write and finally create a story that tells about our son’s origin and that could be adapted to other families who have chosen the same assisted reproduction technique.

aurora y carla“Dotty“ was created one year ago, in February 2015,but it wasn’t until April that Aurora Portillo-a very talented illustrator-gave him birth. After many editing, adjustments, proofreading and re –editing, in October we finally could see our story illustrated.

Making the illustrations was followed by the design and layout stage, which required new editing, typographic trials, size adjustments, etc. a 3-month work that continues to date.

Right now, the text translation and design in another language are in progress. Everything looks more real and we hope to “spot the light at the end of the tunnel very soon. We’re truly excited by the outcome!

The next step is to seek funding. For that purpose, we’re creating a project for Kickstarter, a crowd funding patform. We’ve already got some quotations and we’re also producing a video and planning the actual project.

We hope to launch it soon to finally fulfill our aim, the printed book in Spanish and English.

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