What are the E-cards for?

ecards_post_03It’s been 4 years since we started our first Surrogacy Process in the United States. It was a happy but long and hard process specially concerning communication. Many times we wanted to tell our surrogate how grateful we were, but words weren’t enough. We wanted to send her flowers, but we were too far so it was very complicated.

Thus we designed the E-cards to highlight the emails including the beautiful and great news that occur during the process.

To design the first e-cards we were inspired by the flowers we would have liked to send our surrogate. The peach was used to depict the colors of the city where our son was born, delicacy, care, happiness, hope and feelings arising and we also included the phrases to express them.

Some more are in progress now…


It’s very easy!, just click on the e-card you like best, or that fits the moment you’re going through, write the addressee’s name and email, the subject and a message to include on the card and then send it.

It’s FREE!… And you can send as many as you wish.

If you have any suggestion, any message you would like to include don’t hesitate to send us an email.

We would love you to take this present from us to highlight your surrogate’s or the intended parents’ day by exchanging news of their babies being expected.


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