Beginning (…or carrying on)

It is not always easy to define the start of an action. The fact that this action be preceded by a series of previous events, has influenced the results very deeply (so deeply that without them it wouldn’t have been possible to get where we have). This makes it hard to know where to target the exact point to place the starting flag and to establish accurately if we are telling about the start or the follow up/progress of a project.

That is what happens to us concerning Mylittler. Is it, with the first blog posting and the first products, the beginning? Or should we consider the beginning the two years we have planned how to develop it? And even, if we go back in time, was our surrogacy process the beginning of a long journey that carries on here now?

Either way, what we do know for sure is the role that we would like Mylittler to have based on three basic pillars and having a common ground:


1.- To explain origins (IP communication – children)

2.- To keep record of feelings and situations occurring during the process (surrogate – IP and vice versa communication)

3.- To familiarize with the new sort of families occurring in our society (IP – society didactic communication).

How? with the material that we will be showing you which we would like to fill the information gaps we have encountered during these years. The blog will fulfil that goal, to explain these products, how and why we created them.

So, welcome to Mylittler…


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